Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is the preferred legal partner for Occupational Therapy Australia, providing members with a high level of
educational support via face to face meetings, conferences, webinars and content. 

Maurice Blackburn also provides the following legal services for OTA members:

  • Compensation law: Maurice Blackburn are experts in injury compensation law and can assist with workers’ compensation, road accident injuries, asbestos and dust-related diseases.
  • Public liability: If you have been hurt in a public place, such as a shopping centre, a park, or even on the footpath through no fault of your own, Maurice Blackburn can assist with a public liability claim.
  • Employment law: Maurice Blackburn can provide assistance with employment disputes and employment contract reviews*. However, please note that Maurice Blackburn cannot provide advice on employment disputes where the disputing parties are both OTA members. This would result in a conflict of interest. Where a conflict is identified, Maurice Blackburn will connect you with one of their trusted referrer partners. Your initial call and any triage services provided will be free of charge.
  • Superannuation claims: If you cannot work for any medical reason, or illness has forced you to reduce your working hours, Maurice Blackburn can help you access TPD or income protection entitlements available through your superannuation.   
  • Insurance claims: If you need to make a claim on an insurance policy and your insurer isn’t playing fair, Maurice Blackburn can help. They can help submit or appeal your claim so that you receive what you’re entitled to, across a range of policies including life insurance, travel insurance, home and contents insurance and more.
  • Wills and estates planning: 50% of adult Australians do not have a valid Will, leaving families and loved one’s vulnerable should they need to manage an estate. Maurice Blackburn can assist with all aspects of estate planning and administration including creating a Will, helping manage a deceased estate and providing legal advice for contested Wills.

*Employment contract reviews are charged at $1,200 plus GST.

Benefit to Members: 

Maurice Blackburn offers OTA members free telephone advice and a free first consultation, meaning it won’t cost you anything to understand what your rights are. If they can’t help your enquiry, they will refer you to their trusted network of local firms. Maurice Blackburn run most claims no win, no fee (conditions apply).

Contact details: 

Simon Arsenis, National Relationship Manager
Phone: (03) 8102 2132


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